The Importance of Obedience Training

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The potential benefits of a well-trained companion are so great that becoming a responsible pet owner deserves whatever time it takes to do it right. Choosing to obedience train is the single most important aspect in ensuring a mutually rewarding relationship for years to come.

Jump Start Dog Training uses positive reinforcement and motivational training methods, a fair approach to proper obedience training.


jumpstart dog training
jumpstart dog training

Starting off on the Right Paw

Training your dog can start in puppyhood as early as 8-10 weeks of age. A dog is constantly learning, so it's vital that he learn the right things. Obedience training makes every dog a better canine citizen, and there is no time like the present to begin your dog's education.


Jump Start

Jump Start Dog Training ensures that each owner is taught how to effectively handle their dog using positive reinforcement and motivational techniques. Sessions are conducted using praise, not punishment, making each lesson fun and enjoyable for both dog and owner alike.

We also encourage participation by everyone sharing the same household, an important consideration since many children may not yet know the appropriate way of dealing with a new pet.

The Jump Starter
Cheryl Bell (Certified Trainer)

Cheryl Bell, the owner and operator of Jump Start Dog Training, has been working professionally with dogs for over 30 years. She earned her Certified Trainer certificate after completing a course of study at the prestigious National Institute of Dog Training in California. Cheryl opened Jump Start Dog Training in 1994 and has been helping clients enjoy their dogs through private training ever since. She also trains her own dogs to compete in licensed Obedience and Agility trials sanctioned by the Canadian Kennel Club. Through which she achieved her CD, CDX & Utility Title, and her Starters Agility Title. As a professional dog handler, Cheryl has helped prepare countless dogs for paid assignments on photo shoots, motion picture sets and television work; her own dogs still work in the biz.

jumpstart dog training