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The Puppy Starter

Your best bet for new additions to the family. This program introduces the basics of responsible dog ownership, such as preparing your home for your puppy's arrival, housebreaking routines and proper socialization skills with other members of your household. Address those bad habits such as mouthing, nipping, and jumping before they even begin. Extended sessions get your puppy started on the basic commands - sit, down and come.


Beginner Obedience

This program will teach your dog to execute fundamental commands, including Heel - Sit - Down - Stay - Stand - Recall (come when called). Teaching your dog to wait calmly at the door, greet people properly and be well mannered is our goal here.
We can also help you solve behavioural issues such as jumping up, excessive barking, canine separation anxiety and other unwanted behaviours that are keeping you from enjoying your pet.


Advanced Obedience

Do you envision your dog executing the beginner obedience commands off-leash, along with several more challenging tasks? Then this program is for you. Having confidence in and control of your dog in any situation will make for a much more enjoyable and rewarding relationship between you and your pet.

Power Training

Are you busy? Does your dog need more vigorous exercise? Does your pet need a challenge? Does your best friend need to refine their obedience and manners? Then let us train your dog for you. This is an entry-level program for all canines or a refresher course for those that need brushing up on their basic obedience commands and manners. Our Power Training program is designed with the busy pet owner in mind. The program has two critical elements: a challenging walk with obedience training.

A healthy, challenging training walk not only improves your pet's physical health but their mental health as well. Our training walks are designed with your pet’s skill in mind. For the beginner, it will help burn off that extra energy while learning obedience and manners. For the veteran, it will provide needed exercise and reinforce good habits.

Training walks are 1 hour in length - 1 to 3 times per week. The duration is determined by the individual needs of the dog and owner.



As your dog matures, you'll be thankful for every minute you have devoted to teaching good manners. One thing is certain - the more you interact with your dog, the more you stimulate his mind, the brighter and happier he will be.

Jump Start Dog Training will help ensure a confident and sociable pet for years to come. Just how good a pet your dog becomes is really up to you.

Lessons are generally one hour in length. The number of lessons will vary, depending on the needs of the individual owner and their puppy/dog.

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