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Dog training testimonial DaisyDaisy is an adorable yet strong willed miniature Poodle. Cheryl’s amazing ability to pick up on the characteristics of each individual dog and understand their training needs allowed her to teach Daisy very quickly the all important commands of sit, down, stay, and come. Cheryl helped us through some challenging house breaking issues, and guided us in ways to be firm yet loving with Daisy so that we could walk her on and off lease with ease. Socializing our dog was an important goal and Cheryl accomplished that in such a way that Daisy loves her outings with Cheryl, even when she goes to unfamiliar places. A year and a half later, we connect with Cheryl once a month to keep the training fresh, and to allow Daisy the pleasure she gets from seeing Cheryl and going through her paces. Cheryl is amazing and I would highly recommend her.

Helen Miller and Daisy


Dog training testimonial EddieIn my mind, Eddie was born to be a therapy dog (his breeder planned for that as well ;) and we have finally reached our goal… thanks to Cheryl. Cheryl started working with us when Eddie was about 6 months old. Her knowledge is impressive and she ‘tells it like it is’ so be ready. She is extremely professional and conscientious: she ‘arrives early and stays late’. Cheryl gives us her complete attention whenever we 3 are together and is always ready to answer questions. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, training is more for the human member of the team rather than the canine. I was so envious watching Eddie’s eyes glued to hers, waiting to be taught and longed for the day when he would do that for me. Well, it finally came. At 2 yrs. 3 mos. he passed his Canine Good Neighbour exam and this past February, his therapy dog temperament evaluation. We will be starting to work at a nearby hospital and nursing home this summer. We still check in with Cheryl whenever we can because there is always more to learn.

Helen Stepien & Eddie


Dog training testimonial MabelAt the end of my rope, I called Cheryl for help with our one-year-old Golden Retriever Mabel. Cheryl’s accurate assessments of a variety of issues, her creativity, limitless patience, encouragement and support, in conjunction with her unbelievable talent with dogs, helped me unleash Mabel’s potential and my own. Mabel’s obedience training has transformed her into a well-behaved, more confident, happier dog. Cheryl is amazing and I can't imagine where we would be without help!.

Darcie Sinclair and Marvellous Mabel


Dog training testimonial BalkiIt is my pleasure to recommend Cheryl of Jump Start Dog Training. I have met with other trainers and can safely say that Cheryl is head and shoulders above the rest. She is kind but firm, fun, clear and practical. After only a few visits with Cheryl, I learned how to deal with some issues that I had with my dog Balki. I will continue to refer to Cheryl when necessary and also just to have some refresher tips.

Sonja Falkenberg B.A., LL.B.' & 'Balki'


Dog training testimonial JennaAs the faithful steward of 'Jenna', a tough and independently minded Chesapeake Bay Retriever, I have worked with Cheryl Bell and Jump Start Dog Training for a number of years now on the specific recommendation of my veterinarian. Cheryl has an incredible capacity to relate to a dog (from 'Bruisers' to 'tea cups'), focus that dog's complete attention, and then go to work. Had it not been for her guidance and support across all of my frustrations with this dog, I would have given up on Jenna years ago. Cheryl Bell, in the language of this arena, is "Best in Show".

Paul & 'Jenna'

Dog training testimonial MaddieI have been a client of Jump Starting Training for the last 8 years. Cheryl helped me 8 years ago with an out of control Maddie and I recently brought Cheryl back to help me from the start with Riley, a puppy, I got for Maddie. I love Cheryl's approach, assesses you and the dog, take what the two of you are doing well and uses that to correct the unwanted behaviours. Cheryl explains things really well, is patient and thank god she has a sense of humour. By doing my home work and being consistent, Riley is well on her way to also being Good Canine Citizen like Maddie. Thank you Cheryl!!!

Rossi Ayers, 'Riley' & 'Maddie'

Dog training testimonial Bunny"Cheryl's training methods inspire you and your dog to excel...simple, practical, no nonsense and encouraging"

Laura, 'Tux' & 'Bunny'

Dog training testimonial BuddyI just can't say enough about the support and guidance Cheryl has provided for me and for Buddy. Almost seven years ago in early December I unexpectedly became the owner of 5 month old Buddy, a very active Maltese Terrier. I had a dog 30 years prior and thought I knew what there was to know about training and "housebreaking" a puppy. Over the Christmas holidays however I lost all patience with Buddy and in desperation searched the Yellow Pages for help. Because it was the holidays, I left voice messages with at least 6 dog trainers. Cheryl was the only one who called me back! She immediately calmed me down and spent a long time actually coaching me in "crate training" over the telephone for several days until the holidays were over and she could see us. She even followed up with me before our first appointment to see how we were doing! By the time we had our first face-to-face training session with Cheryl, Buddy was housebroken and he and I were developing a much happier relationship! I have continued with regular training sessions with Cheryl over the years and have learned not only how to have a happy, manageable dog but also, more importantly, how to have the confidence necessary to ensure Buddy always knows who's in control. She has helped me learn how to handle Buddy's "leash aggression" with confidence – how to play games and do tricks with him and even how to do some basic agility training. I trust her completely with any question or concern I have and am really grateful to her for the relationship I now have with my best pal. Buddy adores Cheryl – his excitement for the time we spend with her has never waned.

Marilyn & 'Buddy'